Sunday, April 19, 2009

Soooo...yesterday we spent the day at the reservoir. The weather was really nice and we did some fishing, though the only one who caught anything was Big R. (I'm gonna start using that as DS's nickname. There's a store here with that name and I saw the sign yesterday and thought, "Yeah, that's a good name for him!") Anyway, he got one but no one else.
He reeled that in all by himself, too! It was frustrating as there were fish jumping out of the water all over the place but we weren't catching any. But we had a weenie roast and smores and that went a long way toward making up for our lack of fish.
There was just one major lowpoint. Notice the blanket Big R is sitting on in the previous pic? Anyone recognize it? It's the quilt I made DH. Now look at THIS pic...
Um, yeah, that's a BIG HOLE BURNED IN IT!!!!! The fire popped and a huge coal right onto the blanket. Ack! Well, I just can't even think about that anymore (breathe...breathe...) so on to a few more pics of my beautiful kiddos.
Alrighty, then. I think that's all I've got for now. Bye!

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