Friday, April 10, 2009

Heya everyone! Well, this morning I got up and sent DS off to school. It was such a dark, rainy morning and DD was up late (AGAIN!) and was still sleeping so I gave in to temptation and crawled back into my warm, soft bed. Plus, I was thinking how today was only a half day of school oneand the last day before SPRING BREAK! I'm excited and terrified to have both kids home for the next 9 days! LOL I'm only used to one being home most of the time now. But...soon they'll both be in school. Yup, today I registered my sweet baby girl for kindergarten! My, oh, my, how time flies!
In the mail today we got a container of caterpillers. Every year we order caterpillers and watch them grow and change into butterflies. I tried to take some pics to show their progress but they didn't come out too well. I'll add one, anyway, because you can see their size pretty well, though they mostly look like black blobs. And speaking of mail, we've gotten a couple of packages of Easter goodies for the kids the last couple of days from grandmas. Here are some pics of the kids opening the packages from Grandma Rose. (I'm sorry! I didn't get pics of them opening the box from their other grandma! Ooops!)

The kids really enjoyed all the goodies they got from their grandmas, particularly the candy!
And in case you didn't see my Facebook status, I've got lots of little asparagus popping up in my garden! I'm so excited! And the strawberry plants I planted seem to be doing well so far. Haven't shriveled up and died yet so that's a good thing. Maybe there's hope for some produce from my garden this year!
Well, that's about all I have. Bye!

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Jane said...

Kindergarten?!?!?! I can't believe it! Why do they have to grow up so fast?!