Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hello. Well, the weather here has been a little crazy this last week. It was warm and nice, then it got cold and we got snow, now it's warm and nice again. Sheesh! Make up your mind! Anyway, we had a nice day today. We just went out exploring in the desert, near the Stillwater Range. There was a pretty big mining enterprise at one point and we searched through the dumps for treasure. We don't know what they mined there and all we really found was quartz. But we did discover right near there a pretty big pond, sort of hidden away. The kids had fun throwing rocks into it and the dog waded through some of it. He's a big goof. We decided to take him with us and it seems he's learned from his experience of being lost. He made sure he knew where we were at all times and didn't wander too far away. Along the way, we saw a cows, wild horses (with a baby!), jackrabbits and a couple of cottontails as well. Saw deer tracks at a watering hole but didn't actually see any deer. It was just a really nice day. Good to get outside and get out in the sun a bit.
I have some pictures from the cookie decorating the other day to share.
Well, I guess that's all for now. Talk atcha later!

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